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MICHAEL PHELPS, the Writer, not the Olympic Champion; is the Co-Author of "DAVID JANSSEN-MY FUGITIVE" the Biography of the award winning late actor, written with the actor's first wife, Ellie Janssen.

He is a Veteran of the United States Air Force Military Police-Combat Defense Forces (Viet Nam).

He retired as the  Chief Investigator for a prominent criminal defense law firm in Miami, Florida. He splits his time between New York City and Miami, Florida, with his German Shepherd, Rico der Hunter III.

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REV. BENJAMIN POTTER, a Book Critic posted his Review of The Execution of Justice on his Book'EM BENJ-O Blog on June 26, 2009, giving THREE READING GLASSES for the novel.

   "First of all, before you get all up in arms, it's not that guy. No, this Michael Phelps is a former Chief Investigator for a law firm in Coral Gables. He's also the co-author (with Elliue Janssen) of David Janssen-My Fugitive.  Sometimes when you find a book you really want it to be a great one. You like the author's bio, his communication with you as a reader/reviewer. You like the plot and the story as a whole. You like the characters - especially the protagonist. But sometimes, as much as you want to like the book, you just can't. Phelps tells the story of a young Indianapolis police officer (Mike Walsh) who rises early in his career to the position of Detective where he is partnered with his original field training officer, Jack Lovell. The story opens as Officer Walsh and his partner respond to a Christmas-time domestic disturbance call that nearly claims his partner's life. Six weeks later, he is called to the Robbery-Homicide division to find his promotion waiting for him. He discovers that he is a natural in the area of detection, and helps Jack solve a number of both robberies and homicides. There is just one casse that keeps nagging them. They have suspects, but no evidence to pin the crimes on them. The story itself is good, and the manuscript reads fairly well. The central characters are pretty life like. So, what keeps me from glowing and gushing over this new writer that has graced my reading space? As many would like to say, "The Devil is in the details." And Phelps has an abundance of them. While minutiae is admirable in an affidavit or field investigation report, it makes for lackluster reading in fiction. Another quirk of the book is the attempt at dialect. Having struggled with this in my own writing, I know that uit can be a bear to overcome - getting the right amount of speak/spell without overdoing it. Consequently, the dialectical conversations become more of a distraction than a portrait of the local color. Finally, some of the plot movements make no sense. Walsh's promotion, for instance, and the hot-again, cold-again relationship he has with his wife. Phelps makes a stab at explaining these unexplainables, but they are relatively, well, unexplained. That said, I would like to take a gander at Phelps' follow-up novel, Jockey's Justice, if and when it finds its way to the streets, becauise he showed so much promise with this first fictional effort and I love to see writers grow in their craft. So I give The Execution of Justice three out of five reading glasses.  - Benjamin Potter, June 26, 2009.

MR. JOHN MASSE, a Reader/Book Critic in the beautiful State of New Hampshire posted his Review of The Execution of Justice on the JAMES PATTERSON COMMUNITY Page (www.jamespatterson.ning.com, giving The Execution of Justice FIVE STARS, on June 7, 2009:

    "It's not the swimmer. I pretty much got that question anywhere I went with the book. So even if you weren't wondering, I figured I'd clear that up right now.  In fact, this Michael Phelps is a talented writer, who graciously sent me a copy of The Execution of Justice free and signed, asking only that I review it open and honestly. And that is what I intend to do here now.

In the book, the reader follows Mike Walsh from his patrol route, with a standoff that injures his partner, through the ranks of detective work. You get to experience a side of police work that is rarely seen in most novels. The day to day routines of a policeman, the paper work, the simple cut and dry cases mixed with those that take months to solve. While some may find this tedious and dull, I feel that it gives the book a sense of reality that it could happen (and did, seeing as how this book is based off a true story).

You also see the strain put upon Mike's marriage to his wife. At first, there is the excitement over the pay bump, and that all of Mike's hard work in the department has paid off. But slowly, as months go by, and Mike becomes sluggish, and consumed with cases and exhaustion, the problems begin to arise. She doesn't like the lack of attention, that he's home less, and when he's there he's distant. This is another humanizing aspect of the book. The problems are real ones that we face every day. Coupled with the fact that you have murderers and robbers to capture just makes everything ten times as hard.

At times, the book may seem to drag. But the only reason it took so long to finish was becasue of excess school work and such. The book did have action and the emotion and heart was present on every page. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and recommend it to all.

MR. TONY PETERS, Book Critic & Author of "Kids on A Case: The Case of the Ten Grand Kidnapping", of Swift Current, SK, Canada posted his FOUR * THREE-QUARTERS Review of "The Execution of Justice on www.gather.com on June 5, 2009:

   "For a debut novel, Michael Phelps has outdone himself.  The Execution of Justice gives a great indepth look at the life of a police officer. Mike Walsh must try to balance his work life and his home life, which I can only imagine must be extremely difficult for an officer of the law.

Hardships hit and long hours at work take place as he goes through case after case, trying to catch the criminals who threaten his city. At the same time he must try to fight off and deal with the tensions that are slowly developing at home.

I found this book to be an insightful read and loved how much I learned about police life. It was very realistic, making it very clear Michael Phelps has experience in the investigative field. The writing was well done and the characters were expertly developed. I was looking for more of a focused plot meaning that I would like to see one case take precedence, with the mention of other cases, but that may be just me. Overall I really enjoyed this book and I recommend The Execution of Justice to anyone who is looking for a good read, looking to learn more about police detectives , or enjoy crime drama. Thank you Michael for the chance to read this book, I look forward to seeing more of your work.

MR. GRUMPY DAN, (grumpydan@netezero.com), a Book Critic posted his Review, giving The Execution of Justice FOUR STARS on www.BarnesandNoble.com on May 23, 2009:

    "My thoughts; "Execution of Justice" is not a fast-paced thriller but an evenly flowing drama. Michael Phelps first novel shows what it is like to be cop, both professionally and personally. While Detective Mike Walsh succeeds at his job, he fails at this marriage. While the portrayal of being on the job and dealing with criminals is fine, when Phelps writes about the home life of the detective, there is too much that doesn't need to be there, like the too much detail in what he eats, when and if he has sex. I don't know if he was trying to show how mundane his personal life was as compared to how stressful the job was. I just felt it slowed the story. Also, it is stated that this is the first of the "Detective Mike Walsh" series. If so, there has to be more conflict which builds up to a climax to keep me interested, as opposed to reading what essentially is a journal of the character's life. Otherwise, it's a good start.

MRS. AMY CASTELLANO, a Book Reviewer, USAF Veteran of Andrews Air Force Base, MD has posted her FOUR STARS Review of THE EXECUTION OF JUSTICE on her Blog, CHIC BOOK CHICK (http://www.chicbookreviews.blogspot.com) on May 19, 2009:

  "I was so honored when Mr. Phelps asked me personally to review his book. This is the debut story of Mike Walsh, a patrol officer in the Indianapolis Police Department and it introduces us to what will be a series of Mike Walsh detective novels.

  As we follow Officer Walsh through the story he gets promoted to Detective in the Robbery and Homicide division and gets partnered with his former mentor Sergeant Jack Lovell. I really enjoyed learning through Mike Walsh, the steps to solving a crime. Very cool! This isn't just a Detective Novel . . and that's what I really like about it. The author really gives a detailed look at what life is like for those who serve in the Police Department both on and off duty. As we read, we watch in vivid detail as Walsh's marriage fails and he turns to alcohol and eventually sobers up and leaves his job. The development of Mike Walsh is done very well, and I really appreciated the insight it gave me of day to day life for a police officer. I really look forward to seeing what happens next in the Mike Walsh story."  NOTE: "Courtesy of the Author Mr. Phelps, I have one SIGNED COPY to give away!! To enter please leave a comment WITH your Email!! Winner will be chosen May 26th!!

MR. CY B. HILTERMAN, a Book Reviewer from Cherry Tree, PA, posted his FIVE STARS rated review at www.amazon.com on May 8, 2009.

    "Just like being with a cop during his duty . . . "

    "While reading this excellently written story, I felt as though I was beside the police as they performed their daily duties, while on or off duty and trying to keep a social and family life. I have never read a book that placed me into the life of those valiant men and women that protect us as well as this book. Mike Walsh is a patrolman on the Indianapolis, Indiana police force. Mike and his latest partner, Brad Reccio were racing in their patrol car to a domestic dispute. These disputes are one of the most dangerous calls a lawman can receive. When they arrived shots were fired and Brad was wounded. The descriptive words that the author uses to describe this scene and all the other stories that play out in this book are what keep the reader from placing the book down. The backup police that help keep a scene safe while assisting in the apprehension and questioning all those in the area are a huge part in law enforcement. "The Execution of Justice" takes you from Mike the patrolman, to Mike who becomes a Robbery-Homicide Detective, through a rough marriage as endured by almost all policemen, through several partners, to crimes that defy a human's imagination. Criminals have no scruples and this book describes many of the activities that law enforcement goes through every day. You will be in the middle of shootouts, bloody bodies, wounded police, shot vicitms, forensics, work in the morgue, and practically every crime involvement these men and women have to endure daily. Then they have to go home and try to keep their mind off of what they saw that day. Some face it with alcohol which is the worst thing they could do as it leads to wanting more and more alcohol that doesn't really help to take their minds off of the bad things they see and do. To face death, brutal force, no fear of police, shooting anyone in sight, and trying to overcome your fears regarding all of these, makes our law enforcement special - very special. I feel I don't have to go into much detail about this book because as you flip from page to page you will come to understand what Michael Phelps is telling us with such detail and vividness. Thank you Michael Phelps for allowing us to read some of the many things our police endure for humanity. I look forward to your next book. To think that this book is based on fact makes the reader shocked even more."

KAREN HENE, a Reader from Indianapolis, IN, posted her FIVE STARS Review at www.tcm-ca.com on May 01, 2009:

    "This is the story of Mike Walsh a policeman and then a robbery-homicide detective for the Indianapolis Police Department. The book is based on a true story. The fact that the story took place in Indianapolis is what first drew me to the book. I was born and raised and live in Indianapolis. I enjoyed the book very much and particularly knowing the parts of town where the story took place added to my interest. I could not put the book down. I wanted to know what was going to happen, becaue the author made you feel like you were with the detectives, and you could feel their pain, and elation when they were able to close a case.  One Christmas Eve Mike Walsh and his partner Brad Reccio were dispatched to a domestic dispute. Brad was gunned down and was seriously hurt. The suspect had Mike in his line of fire and he was unable to get  to his partner. Because of this, Mike put himself in danger and came forward to try and talk the suspect into surrendering. Mike was successful and Brad was rushed to the hospital where Mike learned he would make a full recovery. Soon after this incdient Mike Walsh is promoted to the robbery-homicide division. He was assigned to work with his one time mentor Jack Lovell. Mike found that he was quite good at being a detective and with Jack's guidance he became very good at his job. The bulk of the novel deals with the different cases Mike works on and how a detective investigates cases and gathers information. The story also focused on the married life of Mike Walsh and how his job affected his marriage. Detectives put in a lot of time tracking down information and different leads that come from their informers. Joanne, Mike's wife found that his new hours on his new job meant he was not home very much. She also worried about his safety all the time. This put a huge strain on their marriage. I don't think many people think about that part of a policeman or detectivfe's life. Their families really have to put up with them bringing the job home with them and the inherent danger of the job. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who especially enjoys crime novels or just a good read."

DEWEY W. SHAW, a Reviewer posted his FOUR STARS rated Review at www.amazon.com on April 28, 2009:

   "Mike Walsh and his partner Jack Lovell are homicide detectives. Jack is the leader and Mike has just been promoted from the patrol division. Jack, of course, starts teaching  Mike how to be a detective. Mike is a fast learner and has the knack to be a good detective. The book kept my interest and I enjoyed hearing all the steps involved in solving a crime. Mike's home life is gone over in too much detail. What did he have for each meal, how did he dress each morning, did he have sex that night or just went to sleep. Conflict with his wife over his job is an important aspect of the novel, but not the mundane details of day to day living. For a series of Mike Walsh books to have sustaining power, a "hook" needs to be established that would make you look forward to the next one. This book does not establish that."

CHARLES ASHBACHER, a nationally syndicated and Amazon Top 50 Book Reviewer, gave his FOUR and a HALF STARS rating at www.amazon.com on April17, 2009:

  "A depiction of a detective whose professional life expands while his personal life suffers.  Mike Walsh is a patrol cop with a stable marriage and a so far unfulfilled desired to have children. He is good at his job, dedicated to preserving the peace and well respected by his peers. When his mentor Jack needs a new partner, Mike is offered the position of detective within the department. Considering it an enormous opportunity, Mike accepts and this is the story of his daily challenges. Although Mike and Jack are on the trail of a brutal serial killer of women and an increasingly violent gang of thieves, there is no buildup to a climatic end. While the police are meticulous in gathering evidence against the serial killer, unlike other stories, there is no meticulous buildup of tension. Therefore, it is inaccurate to describe this as a thriller, while there is action; it is not of the form where the tension is slowly ratcheted up. Mike discovers that his new position put a good deal of strain on him and his marriage, for now he feels personally responsible for the capture of the villains. In order togather the evidence, it is now necessary for him to attend autopsies and examine the murder victims in great detail. This creates mental baggage that he brings home; he often works late and comes home mentally and physically exhausted. Despite the lack of a buildup to a climax, this is still a book that will keep your attention if you enjoy stories about the daily routine of a robbery/homicide detective. The cover announces that this is the debut novel of a "Detective Mike Walsh" series of novels. Given this good start, I believe the series will be a successful one."

RAY VEROLA, an Author and Reviewer of Oakdale, PA, posted his FIVE STARS Review at www.amazon.com on April 10, 2009:

  "An Entertaining Read:  "The Execution of Justice is a well-paced, exciting novel. Author Michael Phelps has created a likeable, interesting lead character in Detective Mike Walsh. There are two appealing story lines in the book: Walsh's work as a new, fast-learning detective and the up-and-down relationship with the wife who loves him but also has a big problem with his dangerous line of work. The action is fast with many twists and turns that grab the reader. Two twists toward the end of the book really caught me by surprise and moved the action in an interesting way. "The Execution of Justice" is an entertaining read.

ALAN M. R., a Reader who purchased his copy at www.BarnesandNobel.com posted his FIVE STARS Review there on March 03, 2009:

  "I just read this book and found it to be exciting. It gave me an insight into how cops work, and their personal side as well. Parts are sad, but it shows dedication on the part of the detective characters. I could easily visualize what was going on in the plot. I really enjoyed it, and hope for more by this author."





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Can Mike Walsh, the Chief Investigator for a prominent Miami criminal defense law firm solve the "cold case" murder of a winning horse racing jockey, and keep his firm's clients out of the Electric Chair? The "Sport of Kings", Illeagal gambling, Political corruption, "Keystone Cops", and characters right out of the  defunct "Night Court" comedy running the court system, the Chicago Mob,and an older murder case makes this a complicated mystery. Based on a True Story.